• Ambassadors-Club
  • The purpose of the Ambassadors Club is
    to enhance the quality of life 
    and economic development of Beavercreek 
    through close working relationships with the Chamber, the City of Beavercreek,

    and business persons wanting to locate in Beavercreek. 

    The Club serves as a highly valued 'good will' arm of the Chamber.



    • Must be employed by a Chamber member in good standing.
    • Must be willing to spend an average of 4-6 hours monthly volunteering.
    • Stay informed about the Chamber and its activities by attending meetings, reading the chamber newsletters, reviewing the website, and interacting with the Chamber on social media.



    • Being aware of what is happening in our community.  An Ambassador is often among the first to know!
    • A chance to go behind the scenes, tour businesses and discover what makes them a special part of our overall business community.
    • Able to meet, interact and network with new businesses and their representatives.
    • Representing the Chamber can help open doors to new business contacts for you and your business!



    Participation in the Ambassadors Club requires a commitment from both the Ambassadors and his or her employer.  Ambassadors are asked to make a minimum one year commitment to the Chamber.  They can expect to spend 4-6 hours a month establishing and maintaining assigned contacts, and attending membership functions and events.


    To join the Ambassadors Club:

    download and fill out the application

    and submit it to ambassadors@beavercreekchamber.org

    or mail it to 

    Ambassador President C/O Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce

    3210 Beaver Vu Drive

    Beavercreek, Ohio 45434

    2017 Ambassador Officers: 
    Candy Prystaloski - Chair
    Cathy Peters - Vice Chair
      - Treasurer
      - Secretary


    Current Ambassadors:
  • Justin Adams
    Holly Beard
    Clete Buddelmeyer
    Jerry Butts
    Mary Cook
    Sue Eakle
    Alan Eakle
    Ron Folkerth
    Stephen Hall
    Felicia Hall
    Louise Jones
    Gussie Jones
    Bill Mercurio
    Elaine Mercurio

  • Roger Peters
    Brad Phillips
    Patti Phillips
    Susan Phillips
    Ed Phillips
     Dianne Phillips
    David Reid
    Marilyn Reid
    Terry Richman 
    Brad Saunders
    Vicki Saunders
    Roberta Shiverdecker
    Jerry Smith

  • Patricia Smith
    John Sostrom
    Julie Sostrom
    Joe Stadnicar
    Alexis Stiver
    Titus Sullivan
    Maxine Tieber
    Debborah Wallace
    Bill Watson
    Sandy Watson
    Brian Woodruff
    Sandy Woodruff