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  • Chamber News 04.07.22


    Let’s talk about authenticity in communication. As we all have heard “authentic” is the new buzzword in leadership and in business.  

    Being “authentic” is better than being perfect. However, being perceived as “inauthentic” can destroy trust and relationships, damage customer loyalty and decrease profits.  

    So, how do you maintain authenticity in communication?  
    • - Try to use the richest form of communication which is face-to-face or video 
    • - The next best communication to try to appear authentic is audio 
    • - The least good form of communication in which to appear authentic is email 
    As most of us communicate by email for the ease and speed, just remember that you will need to find a way to make it feel authentic and to help reduce the attribution that it was low effort.  

    Most people automatically believe that you chose to use email rather than some of the other more intimate forms of communication. So, base your communication on appropriateness to the situation while taking emotions and perceptions into play 

    For example, if you’re congratulating someone on a big promotion, you could send them an email and tell them that you can’t wait to celebrate in person but wanted to congratulate them the moment you heard.  

    So, aspire to be authentic in all that you do and how you communicate. But always, always respond to those emails in a timely manner! 
    Here FOR you,

    Wendy Rodgers


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    Our Next Seminar - Tuesday, April 19th, 12-1 PM
    Taught by Jessica Miller of TrueNorth Global Training Institute
    To be a great leader, understanding the fundamentals of stewardship is paramount to success. Good stewardship will help you avoid common pitfalls that keep many leaders from moving their teams forward. 
    Join us for this entertaining 1-hour workshop that will show you six core beliefs that can propel your leadership to the next level.
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    Wendy Rodgers recently had the opportunity to interview Beavercreek branch manager, Danielle, about the credit union and their 85th anniversary year.
    CLICK HERE to watch the interview.

    "Conquering Credit"
    FREE virtual seminar
    April 20th, 3 PM
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    Have you updated your safety signs recently?
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    Make sure to login to your member portal on the Chamber website  to see current member-to-member deals.
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    WYSO is pleased to offer a Special Introductory Offer of 20% off
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    Any Chamber member that refers a new resident will receive a $50 gift card after the new resident moves in! 
    No limit to number of referrals!  Call 937-343-6255 for more information. 
    Our website has a virtual tour at https://www.homesteadvillagebc.com/ 
    We are located just behind the Fairfield Commons Mall at 3815 Park Overlook Dr, Beavercreek OH 45431.


    Spring Break Special!!!
    March 18-27, 2022

    Free Shoe Rental with Hourly Lane Rental
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    Military Thursday at Ellie's Restaurant
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    GLD Communications is offering two public relations discount packages

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    1) Speedy Video Promo Package
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    The city of Beavercreek is seeking qualified applicants for Seasonal and Part-Time openings.
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    Dayton Builders Group is accepting applications for two positions.
    Click the links below for more information!
    Remodeling Contractors
    Partner Contractors & Sub-Contractors


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    As we meet new chamber members and participate in local events, we want to promote our member businesses.
    One of the ways we can do this is by giving a "swag bag" full of business cards and branded materials.
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    One of our key goals is to help promote our member businesses to help amplify your marketing efforts.
    One way we're doing that is by offering brief video interviews that are housed on our YouTube channel, as well as, shared on our social media platforms and in weekly emails.
    If you would like to schedule an interview so we can share about your business, please send us a message at info@beavercreekchamber.org.
    CLICK HERE to view our previous interviews!

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