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  • Do You Know What You're FOR? Do Your Customers and Clients?

    As I start to wrap up my first week leading the Chamber, I would like to reflect on what inspired me Monday morning when I had the privilege of hearing Jeff Henderson, author of "Know What You’re For", speak at the Dayton Business Breakfast at Faircreek Church
    Jeff shared that you can grow your business by growing the people in your business. You do this by being FOR people; by helping people move closer to their potential. To be more FOR them than you are FOR yourself. The beautiful part is that you don’t have to pick between these. Instead, in today’s world we need to realize or remember that what’s good for people is good for business. This was perfect and really resonated with me. 
    The Chamber is FOR its members, to help them grow, to move them closer to their potential, and to serve them and the Beavercreek community before ourselves. This is a big part of our vision and our commitment to you.  
    Here FOR you,
    Wendy Rodgers

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