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  • How to Inspire Your Employees to Achieve Maximum Results

    With the election of new Board members fast approaching, I find myself thinking about leadership. 
    Part of being a leader and a connector is being able to inspire. Did you know that “motivated employees are 87% less likely to leave an organization compared to an unmotivated employee?” A way to inspire and motivate people can be found in John Maxwell’s Inspiration Equation 
    What They Know + What They See + What They Feel = Inspiration
    "What They Know" means that they KNOW you are on their side; they need to KNOW you understand them and that you have high expectations. 
    "What They See" means that they SEE your conviction, your credibility, and evidence of your character. 
    "What They Feel" means that they need to FEEL your passion for the subject and them; they need to FEEL your confidence in yourself and them, and they need to FEEL your gratitude. 
    When these 3 factors come into play, it creates a synergy that inspires people. And from a place of inspiration, you can LEAD people to act. 
    Go out this next week and inspire yourself, an employee, a friend, or family member and from that become a leader.
    Here FOR you,
    Wendy Rodgers

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