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  • How to Use Social Media to Support Your Customers

    An important part of being FOR the customer through social media is to create a strategy where you proactively engage with customers in their world and on their platforms. When was the last time your business liked an Instagram post, a Facebook post or a tweet from one of your followers? When’s the last time your business commented on a customer’s social media platform? 
    By answering the above questions and engaging with your customers it shows that you are truly FOR them. You are real and you are here.  
    We have started to create video interview campaigns at the chamber to create more engagement and to showcase who you are in a real setting. This gives you a video to showcase on any social media platform to reach your current and new customers. It helps to create a bond that becomes BUZZWORTHY. Therein lies the potential and power of word-of-mouth advertising as it relates to social media. 
    Contact us to schedule your video interview to be able to become that “social influencer.” 
    Wendy Rodgers

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