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  • The Power of Handwritten Notes

    Let’s talk about the power of the Handwritten Note for a minute…. 
    An important part of being FOR your customers is through genuine and active gratitude. The handwritten note may be one of the simplest things to do, but also one of the most ignored. I believe the handwritten note is by far one of the best ways to show a customer (or an employee) that you are FOR them.  
    A handwritten note takes time, is personal, and is a nice thing to do! It communicates value and shows someone that you cared enough to stop what you were doing to write and say thanks. It has been proven that most people who receive a handwritten note will save it and show it to spouses, family, friends and colleagues. 
    This one simple act, if done consistently, will leave an imprint on the recipients. I practice this and believe in the power of handwritten notes, especially in our day and age of electronic communications that can be so impersonal and cold.  
    I challenge you to give it a try. Start with 5 simple notes each week and see what a difference it makes to your customers and employees. Let me know how it goes. I want to share your success stories. 
    Here FOR you,
    Wendy Rodgers

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