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  • The Power of SMART Goals

    Setting SMART Goals… 
    As I start to look ahead to next year and start planning and setting goals, I wanted to share the concept of SMART Goals. I came across this concept from Nick Trenton and it really made a lot of sense. SMART goals are a roadmap from where you are to where you want to be: 
    S is for specific – Be clear about what you will do, in detail. 
    M is for measurable – A goal needs to be measurable or quantified. 
    A is for attainable – This means your goal is realistic for you, in your situation. 
    R is for relevant – Does this goal actually speak to your broader values? 
    T is for time-bound – Set a deadline. Goals set for someday never materialize. 
    SMART goals don’t change the difficulty of the task ahead, but they DO help you shape and define your vision. So, be SMART and set those 2022 goals! 
    Here FOR you,
    Wendy Rodgers

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