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  • Our Board of Directors Election begins on Tuesday, November 5th at 9:00am. We are excited for the slate of candidates we have for our 2020-2022 term. We encourage you to check out each of the candidates in-depth below.
    This year we are continuing with the same process as 2018, Election Buddy will send a formal e-mail to all PRIMARY contacts from our database. Each membership is entitled to one vote, including our individual, life-members, honorary and non-profits. The e-mail you receive from Election Buddy will include a code required to vote, all votes are anonymous and limited to one vote per membership. Should your PRIMARY representative wish to forward the e-mail to another business representative, this is ok, however, please understand that the membership is only allowed one vote.
    We take pride in providing the membership the opportunity to select our Board members and hope that you’ll review the candidate responses prior to voting for the 3 open positions
    Voting will be open from 9:00am on Tuesday, November 5th until 5:00pm on Tuesday, November 12th.


    Written response question: see written responses below

    • If elected to the board, in your three-year term, what would you like to see the Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce accomplish?

    Video interview questions: see links to each video below

    • What has your involvement in the Beavercreek Chamber been?
    • Knowing we are a mission-driven organization, what value can you bring to the mission?


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  • Lesli Beavers
    Clark State Community College

    "I would like to see the Chamber grow its membership by continuing to be innovative, while staying connected to the history of the Chamber and the City of Beavercreek, and continue to be an important link in the economic viability of Beavercreek. To do this, I would like to evaluate, or be a part of an existing process to evaluate, each Chamber benefit and the ROI it provides to its members, while helping research and implement new benefits and initiatives. I would work to ensure new businesses, as well as existing members, understand the critical role a Chamber membership can play in professional growth to support membership recruitment and retention. As a Board member, I would see financial stability and long term sustainability of the organization as my most important responsibility."

    View Lesli's video interview here.

  • Sunder Bhatla
    SLB Consulting

    "Small business is the backbone of the economy- federal, state or at the local level. They are the hard working people to support their families, community and taking all the risks. It is not a nine-to-five job- it is a 24 hour job to meet the payroll, face the ups and downs of economy and survive. The Chamber of Commerce is a Very Important conduit to bring them together through networking, promoting their product, providing the necessary guidance - could be financial, technical, marketing and even the product. I would like to see the Chamber arrange  job seminars, bring guest speakers knowledgeable in related fields and invite the members. Seek what they want to hear, or how the Chamber can help.

    Feedback is very important, so we can develop...  - click to read full answer.

    View Sunder's video interview here.

  • Josie DeDominici
    Individual Member

    "I would like to see the Chamber continue its current direction of building additional value in chamber membership and adding new chamber members to the ranks. I would love to see continued diversity in our Chamber membership.

    More importantly, I would love to see continued joint philanthropy efforts and community support, as we witnessed during the recent tornadoes. Not only would I love to see the Beavercreek Chamber continue in this direction, I would love to be an active part of it."


    View Josie's video interview here.

  • Melissa Litteral
    Individual Member

    "If selected I would support the current goals and objectives of the chamber. I would also suggest updating the chambers action plan to increase membership, increase assistance to new businesses and continue to increase the types of benefits the chamber offers so local businesses have tools to increase their business model."


    View Melissa's video interview here.

  • Tina Marker
    Windward Design Group, LLC

    "As I stated during my interview, I feel a relationship-centric approach to membership growth and retention is paramount to the Chamber’s success. The Chamber is a nucleus for our community’s economic climate and vitality. Continued strategic growth of the Beavercreek Chamber is essential to the professional health of our community. 

    Over the past three decades, I have always led with charisma and by example. I am always willing to roll up my shirtsleeves as a team player, when necessary. I approach my board responsibilities seriously and with ethics, conviction, and support of the chamber board and staff. As appropriate, I am prepared to apply constructive criticism and alternate solutions.  I desire to work with... - click to read full answer.


    View Tina's video interview here.


  • Chris McClure
    Lead Life BIG, LLC

    "I would like to see increased involvement among newer businesses in the community, especially "solopreneurs" and small business owners. The Chamber has a solid base of members with a long history of involvement but in my experience, we've struggled to embrace newer members. I would like to help reach new members, welcome them, and help them begin to engage."


    View Chris's video interview here.