• The Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce has a
    long-standing tradition of recognizing our
    community and Chamber members’ excellence.

    Each year we honor our community and Chamber Partners with awards featured
    at our Celebration of Excellence Gala,
    bringing the community and Chamber Partner businesses together
    to reflect on the past year and award those who have contributed to the success
    of both the chamber and the community.


    If you visited the photo booth and would like to check out the pictures taken,
    visit the Facebook Page to download your pictures.

  • Our 2017 Award Winners


  • Celebration of Excellence Gala Award Winner Joe Godwin
  • Gussie Jones Civic Award:
    Joe Godwin

  • Celebration of Excellence Gala Award Winner Tony Ortiz
  • Nutter Humanitarian Award:
    Tony Ortiz

  • Celebration of Excellence Gala Award Winner Angelica Heggem
  • Outstanding Young Person of the Year
    Angelica Heggem

  • Celebration of Excellence Gala Departing Chair 2017 Jeff Brock
  • Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce 
    2016 Board Chair: 

    Jeff Brock

  • Celebration of Excellence Gala Award Winner Cassie Barlow
  • Greene County Career Center 
    Friends in Education Award:

    Cassie Barlow, PhD
    (unable to attend)

  • Celebration of Excellence Gala Award Winner Adolfo Tornichio
  • E.G. Shaw Lifetime Achievement Award:
    Adolfo Tornichio

  • Celebration of Excellence Gala Award Winner Teresa Geraci
  • Beavercreek Chamber Member of the Year:
    Teresa Geraci

  • Celebration of Excellence Gala Award Winner Tim Kerns
  • City of Beavercreek 
    Employee of the Year Award:

    Tim Kerns

  • Celebration of Excellence Gala Award Winner Laurie Brown
  • Beavercreek Township
    Employee of the Year Award:

    Laurie Brown

  • Award-recipient-Debbie-Fisher.jpg
  • Beavercreek City Schools 
    Employee of the Year:

    Debbie Fisher

  • Celebration of Excellence Winner Colonel Bob Darden
  • Military Award:
    Colonel Bob Darden, retired 
    (unable to attend)

  • Presenting Sponsor


    Dinner Sponsor
    Soin Medical Center

    Dessert Sponsor
    Beavercreek Florist

    Cocktail Hour Sponsor
    Village at the Greene
    ‚ÄčDrayer Physical Therapy

    Coffee Sponsors
    Patterson Park Church
    State Representative Rick Perales
    State Senator Bob Hackett

    Photography Sponsor
    Beyond Belief Productions

    Swag Bag Sponsor
    Parrot Promo Essentials

    Awards Celebration Sponsors
    Cedarville University
    Beavercreek Township Trustees
    Greene County Career Center
    Brian Lampton Agency
    Mick Lundy - State Farm Insurance

    Day Air Credit Union
    Hope Hotel & Richard C. Holbrooke Conference Center

    Photo Booth Sponsors
    The Mall at Fairfield Commons
    Leaders Lead Enterprises

    Coat Service Sponsors
    Terry Richman and Susan Phillips with Irongate Realtors
    Leadercast Dayton - Save the Date May 5
    Mick Lundy - State Farm Insurance
    Decoy Art Studio

    Individual Sponsors
    Brian Jarvis

    Cusack Law Office

    Dyes Auto Care

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  • Over the last sixty years,
    we have established a

    reputation for honesty,
    high morals, integrity,
    and friendly, professional 
    customer service.







  • We specialize in custom
    birthday, dessert and wedding
    cakes of all sizes, as well as
    a variety of treats.