• Older Infant Teacher

    Posted: 06/07/2020

    Position:  Older Infant Teacher 
    ♦ Must meet basic requirements of local child care regulatory agency.  ♦ Ability to relate positively with young children. ♦ Previous teaching or assistant teaching position with a public or private school system, a quality preschool, child care center or church nursery is preferred. ♦ Certification or degree related to early childhood or preschool or elementary education is desirable, but not mandatory. ♦ Knowledge as a parent or in previous work experience of the social, emotional and creative needs of young children. ♦ Must be able to lift up to 35 lbs. in connection with the handling of children for the facilitation of programs, child safety, and potential emergency situations. 
     ♦ Is responsible for the overall supervision and daily class functions of a class of children ages 12-18 months. ♦ Assesses each child's developmental needs on an ongoing basis. ♦ Plans with the Director and implements the approved lesson plans and daily classroom schedule using the Primrose School curriculum outlines and materials. ♦ Plans with the Director all required parent-teacher conferences and student evaluations. ♦ Provides an attractive, well-kept classroom that encourages creativity, exploration and decision-making by the children. ♦ Ensures that all class bulletin boards are current and provides the parents with an overview of the material taught in class. ♦ Provides the children with verbal praises and acceptance while providing clear and consistent expectations for the children's behavior. ♦ Accepts responsibility for maintenance and necessary housekeeping duties of the classroom, common use areas and playgrounds. ♦ Assists and coordinates snacks, meals, nap time and bathroom activities. ♦ Maintains the Primrose Schools professional attitude and work behavior. ♦ Assists in other capacities as determined by the Director. ♦ Attends all required staff meetings, workshops and/or school functions as determined by the Director. ♦ Observes all rules and regulations of Primrose Schools and the local, state or national regulatory agencies pertaining to the health, safety and care of children. ♦ Maintains overall professional personal appearance adhering to the guidelines offered in the training manual. 

    Upon Employment: 
     ♦ Must meet all Primrose Schools and local, state or national basic health requirements as well as other requirements. ♦ First Aid training, as required. ♦ Must complete all necessary company employment and payroll forms. ♦ In states where required, personnel will have a fingerprinting and/or criminal investigation report completed. 
    Reporting Relationship: Reports directly to the Director