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    About Us

    When the idea formed for Taco Street Co., it was about more than food. It was about family connecting over simple traditions, coming together to prepare meals that were slow to cook, but worth the wait. We wanted to share food that gives life flavor and makes people stop and savor the moment. So, in 2017 this idea became reality and in 2019 our first taco truck started rollin’ down the street, serving up our original Taco Street Classic, the taco recipe that was handed down from mother to son, and started it all. Since then, we’ve perfected recipes that are so fresh, simple and delicious, that they make your taste buds dance. Remembering that it’s always about more than just food, we sprinkled in a vibe that keeps people coming back for more. We’ve expanded from the taco truck to our first restaurant, but we still keep it simple and remember that it all comes back to creating food from the heart, that warms the soul


    Shrimp Tacos
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    Food Court at the Mall at Fairfield Commons
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