• Five ways to manage employee expectations while working remotely

     Five ways to manage employee expectations while working remotely
    By now, many businesses have transitioned at least part of their workforce to being completely remote. As the dust settles, it may seem like everything can go back to being business - as - usual, albeit from the bedroom office or kitchen table.

    For many of your employees, working from home may continue to be a work in progress as the usual services on which they usually rely – childcare, for one – are lowering their capacity or no longer available. Here are five tips to help you manage your remote employees and their needs:

    1. Assess your employees’ ability to be effective , determine what they might be lacking and identify a plan to get it to them.
    2. Set ground rules. Like in the office, be clear about what is expected and what is not allowed while working. At the same time, be flexible and open to feedback as your employees’ needs change.
    3. Hold regular check - ins and team meetings. Spontaneous breakroom conversations and drop - ins to your office are no longer possible. Make space for employees to communicate w ith you – and with each other.
    4. Ensure employees understand their company benefits and have their administrator contact information so that when they need help, they know where to find it.
    5. Be kind, positive and empathetic. COVID - 19 is affecting all of us and it does so in different, sometimes challenging, ways. Keeping things light and using a warmer tone than usual will help employees maintain a feeling of connection with each other and maintain rapport while working apart.

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