• Herman Menapace ''Difference Maker'' Award

    Herman Menapace “Difference Maker” Award
    As the driving force behind what is now the Greene County Community Foundation, Herman Menapace believed we should all try to make a difference whenever possible. He exemplified this through his works on a daily basis and he got involved whenever he could. Making a difference is all about seeing a place where help is needed and doing what you can to make things even a little better. Horace Mann once said “be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity” and while this may seem a lofty ideal it is actually pretty simple. Give back, help out, lift someone up when they are down or just encourage those around you. All of these little acts are a victory for humanity in that they are selfless and they make a difference in someone’s life. If you know someone like that-we want to hear from you!

    Any person that regularly tries to “make a difference” is eligible! We would like to know specifically why they are a difference maker to those around them.

    Send in the completed nomination form to friend@greenegiving.org or by mail to 941 W. 2nd Street Xenia, OH 45385. The form must be completed in full. All nominations must be received by 3/31/2019 to be eligible. 

    Once all nominations are received 3 finalists will be chosen. These finalists and their guests will be notified and invited to the annual luncheon for the Greene County Community Foundation held on April 25, 2019. The winner will be announced and honored at the luncheon and they will choose a cause that will receive a gift of $1,000.

    That’s it! Help someone that is always helping others get the recognition they deserve and a great cause will get some extra dollars to continue to “Make a Difference”.