• Joslyn Law Firm: Dayton attorney says to resolve warrant issues or face the consequences

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    Dayton attorney says to resolve warrant issues or face the consequences
    Dayton, Ohio – If you have a warrant for your arrest in Ohio, Dayton attorney Brian Joslyn says whatever you do, don’t ignore it.
    “If you don’t resolve it, I guarantee that you will face a wave of even greater consequences down the road,” said Brian Joslyn, founder and managing partner at Joslyn Law Firm in Dayton.
    Warrants are issued for a number of reasons. Joslyn said he and the other attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm don’t make any judgements; they are just looking to help resolve the case, just as they do with traffic violations, juvenile charges, theft, white collar crime and domestic violence cases.
    There are more than 35,000 arrest warrants in Ohio’s databases. While police aren’t out actively seeking to put people in jail on those warrants, they will make an arrest when the warrant pops up during a routine traffic stop or other opportunity.
    “It is worth your time to call us and stop looking over your shoulder,” said Joslyn.
    People may not realize it, but having a warrant hanging over their head will change their behavior. If they need a police officer for any reason, they may think twice before calling, They may cringe when the see a police cruiser drive by their house or walk the other way if they see an officer approaching on the sidewalk.
    Getting arrested, he said, limits other legal options and is extremely unpleasant and demeaning, leaving behind scars behind that can never be forgotten.
    Joslyn speaks from experience about being arrested as he was handcuffed and questioned by police after a party at a private residence spiraled out of control when he was in college.
    “I know what’s it’s like to be intimidated by the system. It is not a position of power to be in jail when there are decisions to be made affecting the rest of your life,” he said.
    After being formally charged, Joslyn was eventually acquitted of all charges. Instead of dwelling on a horrible experience, the incident sparked a passion for a career in law where he now spends his time as a defense attorney helping others in tenable situations for drug crimes, OVI/DUI offenses and probation violations.
    Many warrants are issued, he said, because defendants failed to appear for a scheduled court date. To avoid being viewed by the court as a flight risk, Joslyn said it’s best to call a defense attorney, share the reasons why the court date was skipped and file a motion to withdraw the bench warrant. Before the rescheduled court date, he talks to clients about how to present themselves before the court and they discuss the underlying charges that led to the warrant’s issuance in the first place.
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