• Special offer for all Beavercreek businesses!!!

    Special offer for all Beavercreek businesses!!  Limit your business exposure to Cyber Crime and malicious emails. Even with strong controls in place, one click of an email or attachment by your staff is all it takes.  At LMS, our phishing simulations and virtual training program is proven to significantly reduce the "click rate". We will teach your team how to identify and avoid malicious emails.  We then go a step further and teach them how to report these emails to the appropriate department.  Not only will this benefit your business, it adds value to the employees as they learn how to protect their mobile apps and PCs at home.  The average monthly cost for this 12 month program is based on the number of employees (users). For 1-24 employees we have a flat monthly rate of $175.00.  25-49 employees is $5.00 per employee per month, 50-99 is $4.00 per employee, 100-249 is $3.00.  If you have 250 or more employees, let's chat!

    Our program includes:  
    1.    Monthly simulations to all staff.
    2.    Monthly virtual training modules assigned to all staff (roughly 5 minute modules).
    3.    Tools for reporting emails.
    4.    End of year certificates and awards to support a positive learning experience!

    Reach out today for your personal quote to cindy.lebrun@lmsolutionsllc.com.  We will focus on the education and support while you focus on your attention to buidling your business!  Visit our website at lmsolutionsllc.com. 


    Cindy LeBrun
    Owner/Partner of LMS