• News Release: 2/25/2019

    Those of you that have had a massage before know that it’s pleasant and relaxing. If massage is done regularly it can also have physical and emotional benefits. Massages range from Swedish treatments to Deep Tissue therapies. Massages do not replace medical treatments but they can help treat your mind, body, and soul when done on a regular basis. There are many benefits to receiving a massage that can also help individuals cope with everyday stress in life. We believe that educating
    individuals about massage is important because massage can be used to help treat conditions that physicians often resort to medications for treatment.

    Benefits Include:
    Relieve Stress
    Reduce Muscle Tension
    Reduce Anxiety
    Enhance Exercise Performance
    Manage Pain
    Relieve Tension Headaches
    Help Fibromyalgia Pain
    Sleep Better
    Lower Blood Pressure
    Increase Range of Motion
    Ease Depression
    Decrease Migraine Frequency
    Help Chronic Neck Pain
    Promote Relaxation
    Improve Cardiovascular Health
    Decrease Stress in Cancer Patients

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