• University Baptist Church Set to Break Ground on a 17,000 sq. ft. Building Exansion

    University Baptist Church will be breaking ground this Spring on a 17,000 sq. ft. addition to our current building at Hanes & Kemp Roads. We are partnering with a national organization called Builders for Christ who will rally over 1,000 volunteer, skilled tradesmen from around the country to bring their expertise to our new building – at no labor charge to us! It’s a unique process that will have ripple effects throughout the Beavercreek community as these workers flow into our community and participate in our local economy.

    These 1,000 volunteers will stay in local hotels, visit restaurants and shopping centers, purchase their groceries to cook their own meals onsite at UBC ($10,000-12,000/week!), and explore local attractions. We hear they love ice cream especially and will be sure to taste-test the local varieties! Could you help us expose them to the best experiences and products Greene County has to offer by providing coupons, discounts, special pricing opportunities, or promotions to these workers who will be here from May through August?

    The first 100 volunteers will be visiting our area to gather information for their teams on Jan. 29th. If you have any promotional materials you would like us to include in welcome bags for them, would you please drop them off at the Chamber of Commerce office by Wednesday, Jan. 26th. We will include them in each of the 100 welcome bags. We are grateful for any way you can help us welcome our teams of builders! We hope that their response to your offers will be a blessing to your businesses in these challenging times.

    Thank you for your kindness in advance,

    Lorrie Gneiser & Jennifer Reno, Logistics Team Leads
    University Baptist Church