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  • Who we are and what we do:

    FASTLANE is a vital non-profit resource for manufacturers.  The team of specialized manufacturing and engineering consultants helps to accelerate manufacturing success, advance innovation, and drive growth for manufacturers throughout West Central Ohio.  We focus on developing strategies to improve your competitiveness by concentrating on five areas: technology acceleration, continuous improvement, workforce development, supply chain optimization, and sustainability.  FASTLANE connects manufacturers to a vast network of resources including expert engineers, scientists, manufacturers, suppliers, and other professionals, by making the services affordable.  FASTLANE is the west-central Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) and is located within the University of Dayton Research Institute.

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  • FASTLANE flyer: Get connected to manufacturing solutions. Pass your competition. Take advantage of new technologies. Overcome requirement hurdles. Deliver better products faster. Enhance your workforce. Increase profitability. Visit FASTLANE.org or call 937-229-1368. Part of the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership.

    Mailing Address
    300 College Park 
    Dayton, OH 45469

    Physical Address
    1700 S Patterson Blvd
    Dayton, OH 45409


    (937) 229-1368

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  • FASTLANE is a vital non-profit resource for manufacturers, helping to accelerate 
    manufacturing success, advance innovation, and drive growth for manufacturers 
    throughout West Central Ohio.