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  • Financial Planning

    Working on a car and financial planning - both can be intimidating if you're not working with the right people and tools. 

    While financial planning has many parts, we take the time to address each piece, how it impacts your plan and how to move on to the next step. We believe if we spend time on the front-end developing a sound plan based on your risk tolerance and time horizon, understanding why we do things and monitor our progress, clients are able to remain focused what matters most - enjoying life - knowing they have addressed the obstacles that could impact them.

  • Retirement Planning

    Most people want to retire. Most don't know where to start other than putting money into their 401(k) or IRA. We can run various "what if" scenarios to help solidify plans for the future. Our planning takes into account inflation, your savings rate, your spending plan, social security strategies, taxes, pensions, etc. to develop a roadmap that can help you achieve financial freedom.

    Life is dynamic and we believe your retirement plan should be too. As facts change - maybe you want to travel more, work part-time, volunteer more - your plan can adapt. We want your plan to serve you, not be the master of you.

  • Education Funding

    With the increase in costs of higher education outpacing inflation and average wage growth saving for education is becoming a more challenging endeavor. Whether you're paying tuition costs now or saving for a future goal, it's important to ensure that your education strategy is compatible with achieving your retirement income and related financial objectives.

    Life is dynamic and we believe your retirement plan should be too. As facts change - maybe you want to travel more, work part-time, volunteer more - your plan can adapt. We want your plan to serve you, not be the master of you.

  • Tax Planning

    Taxes can destroy wealth and years of hard work. We believe if you do not include a thorough understanding of the tax consequences when you are planning for your financial future it is comparable to medical malpractice. While we never want to let "the tax-tail wag the investment-dog", we do believe an understanding of tax consequences is imperative to sound financial planning - both for now and the future.

    We are able to walk clients through a tax-planning process and help them understand the impacts a current decision makes now and in the future from a tax and investment perspective. We can work with your existing tax professional or estate planning attorney to develop tax-efficient strategies for your unique situation.

  • Insurance Analysis

    While most people don't like the topic of insurance, we believe it is a foundational piece to building a secure financial plan. Accurate beneficiary designations on existing policies are imperative to ensure your wishes are carried out. Verifying you have adequate coverage is also a must along with making sure you have income coming in if you are unable to work due to a temporary or permanent disability.

    We will review all your personally owned and employer provided coverage to determine if the benefits are taxable or tax-free, if the amount of coverage is adequate to achieve your wishes and if the premiums being paid are reasonable.

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  • Guardian Financial Group

    7333 Paragon Road
    Suite 210
    Centerville, OH 45459

    (937) 433-5300
    (937) 433-5301 (fax)

    Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5pm
  • Guardian Financial Group specializes in helping clients and their families thoughtfully plan and invest for their long-term financial goals. We provide comprehensive, unbiased, customized solutions to help our clients protect and grow their wealth. Since each client's goals are unique our process assures that each client receives their own customized solution. Because we are independent advisors we do not have any pressure from "corporate" to push products - we are able to objectively select what is best for each client situation.

    Our clients have 24/7 access to their account information through our mobile app and cutting edge technology partners such as eMoney, MoneyGuidePro and Morningstar to name a few.

    Our Process

    We believe our core values - honesty, objectivity, client-first mentality, attention to detail and value - make for a different kind of client experience. Our service offerings include more than just portfolio management. The process begins with a review of your current financial position and transitions into a meaningful discussion about your financial goals. We are then able to determine how you can accomplish these goals with the assurance that we will be there to help you not only implement the strategies but also stay the course and achieve financial success.

    Life is full of complex financial questions - "When can I retire?".."How much should I save?".."How much can I spend?".."Should I refinance?".."When should I take social security?" - and we are here to help. We develop a unique roadmap for each client to address all of these concerns and are always prepared for course adjustments as their goals and needs change.

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