• Congratulations to our 2017 Taste of Greene County
    First Place Winners!

  • Taste-2017-Winners-Soin-ALL.jpg
  • Soin Medical Center
    First Place
    Best Beverage
    Best Soup/Salad
    Best Entree
    Best Decorated Booth
    People's Choice

  • Taste-Winners-IHOP.jpg
  • IHOP
    First Place
    Best Breakfast

  • Taste-2017-WInners-Jeet.png
  • Jeet India
    First Place
    Best International Cuisine

  • Taste-2017-WInners-Youngs.png
  • Young's Jersey Dairy
    First Place
    Best Appetizer
    Best Dessert

  • Taste-2017-Winners-Beef.png
  • Beef O'Brady's
    First Place
    Best Sandwich

    • Taste-2017-Winners-7.png
      Bravo! Cucina Italiana
    • Taste-2017-Winners-1.jpg
      Panera Bread Catering
    • Taste-2017-Winners-6.png
      Brookdale Senior Living
    • Taste-2017-Winners-5.png
      City Barbeque
    • Taste-2017-Winners-3.png
      McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Rastaurant
    • Taste-2017-Winners-2.jpg
      Bob Evans
    • Taste-2017-Winners-Smoothie-King.png
      Smoothie King
    • Taste-2017-Winners-Salsas.png
      Salsas Mexican Restaurant
    • Taste-2017-Winners-Jets.png
      Jets Pizza
    • Taste-2017-Winners-Holiday-Inn.png
      The Wright Place at Holiday Inn Fairborn
    • Taste-2017-Winners-Ele.png
      ele Cake Company
    • Taste-Winners-2017-Fresh-Thyme.png
      Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
  • All Taste 2017 Winners!
  • Best Beverage:

    1st Place - Soin Medical Center

    2nd Place - Smoothie King

    3rd Place - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market


    Best Breakfast:

    1st Place - IHOP

    2nd Place - Bob Evans

    3rd Place - Panera Bread and Catering


    Best Appetizer:

    1st Place - Young's Jersey Dairy

    2nd Place (tie) - Soin Medical Center and McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurant


    Best Entrée:

    1st Place - Soin Medical Center

    2nd Place - Jet's Pizza

    3rd Place - BD's Mongolian Barbeque

  • Best Soup or Salad:

    1st Place - Soin Medical Center

    2nd Place - The Wright Place at Holiday Inn Fairborn

    3rd Place - Bravo Cucina Italiana 


    Best Sandwich:

    1st Place - Beef O'Brady's

    2nd Place - City Barbeque

    3rd Place - The Wright Place at Holiday Inn Fairborn


    Best International Cuisine:

    1st Place - Jeet India Restaurant

    2nd Place - Bravo Cucina Italiana 

    3rd Place - Brookdale Senior Living

  • Best Dessert:

    1st Place - Young's Jersey Dairy

    2nd Place - Ele Cake Company

    3rd Place - Soin Medical Center


    People's Choice Award:

    1st Place - Soin Medical Center

    2nd Place - Jeet India Restaurant

    3rd Place - The Wright Place at the Holiday Inn Fairborn


    Best Decorated Booth:

    1st Place - Soin Medical Center

    2nd Place - ele Cake Company

    3rd Place - Salsas Mexican Restaurant

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    • Taste-2017-Volunteers-Lampton1.jpg
    • Taste-2017-Gem-Teiber-Sostrom.jpg
    • Taste-2017-Raffle-Ann-Dawn.jpg
    • Taste-2017-Raffle-OShaughnessy.jpg
    • Taste-2017-Stone-Sostrom-Perales.jpg
    • Taste-2017-Volunteers-Butts.jpg
    • Taste-2017-Volunteers-Ramsey.jpg
    • Taste-2017-visitors1-Capelli-Wallace.jpg
    • Taste-2017-Volunteers-Youth-Council1.png
    • Taste-2017-Volunteers-Youth-Council2.png
    • Taste-2017-Volunteers-Youth-Council3.png
    • Taste-2017-Volunteers-Youth-Council4.png
    • Taste-2017-view-from-the-top-w625.jpg
    • Taste-2017-Gem-and-child-w625.png
    • Taste-2017-Volunteers-Youth-Council-with-Rowdy.png
    • Taste-2017-Bucky-and-child-w625.jpg
    • Taste-2017-Princess-and-Rowdy.jpg


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