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  • Business Development Grant

  • The Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce board of directors and Business Development Grant committee are pleased to offer an exciting opportunity for member businesses to apply for grant funding to support the health and growth of our local business community. Please read the information below for details, then click the link at the bottom of the page to download the application packet.



    The purpose of the grant is to provide business capital and promote growth by assisting with a small business grant. The grant should be utilized to increase capacity, adding a new venture or expansion.  



    Grant awards can range up to to $8,000 or as funds allow. 


    Award Cycle: 


    Grants will be awarded annually.   


    Phase I:   Open Grant Season - June 1 to August 1


    Phase II:  Review of Grant Applications & Interview of Top 5 - August 15 to September 15


    Phase III: Finalize Selection - September 15-30


    Personal Award Announcement - October 1


    Public Presentation & Receipt of Funds at the Chamber Annual Meeting in November


    Program Description  

    • - The recipient must be a member of the Beavercreek Chamber in good standing. Possible exceptions for new business start-ups. 

    • - The intention is to provide capital to expand and grow your business.  

    • - Grantees must submit a review of the project along with pictures, budgets and anything that demonstrates how the grant will assist your business venture. Final review is required to be eligible for future grants. 


    Eligible Projects 

    • - Member companies with less than 150 employees are eligible. 

    • - Awards will be based on a number of factors, including the impact on business growth in Beavercreek, Greene County, and the Miami Valley. 

    • - If a recipient receives a grant award two times, the recipient is required to wait 5 years after the 2nd award to apply again. Grants may be awarded in successive or alternate years. 


    Eligible Costs 

    • - The grant can be used to acquire equipment, machinery, technology, permits, land or site development that is used to support new business growth. 

    • - The grant cannot be used for payroll or to sustain current business operations and capital assets.  The final use of the grant is subject to Beavercreek Chamber and may not be utilized to pay for legal fees, utilities, insurance or taxes. 


    Chamber Requirements 

    • - Beavercreek Chamber membership is required for all recipients for at least three (3) years after receiving the grant. 

    • - The recipient must currently be active with the chamber by participating in at least three (3) events; meetings, network events, industry roundtable or other events sponsored by the Beavercreek Chamber. 

    • - The year of the award we require the member will continue to participate in and/or volunteer for at least 4 hours in at least three new Beavercreek Chamber activities and/or Signature events. The recipient is required to be available for photos, an award ceremony, and provide testimonials to help promote the award. 


    Who is eligible? 

    • - All Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce members in good standing are eligible to apply.  

    • - Minimum of 1 year in operation with a tax return or financial statements to provide proof of income. 

    • - Must be an incorporated enterprise (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.) in good standing in the State of Ohio 

    • - Must submit bi-annual reports (balance sheet and income statement) of business progression and utilization of funds 

    • - All industry types and sectors are open to apply. 

    • - Evaluation is based on: 

    • - additional funding sources 
    • - impact to new/existing enterprise 
    • - value proposition. 


    Ongoing Grant Applications 

    • - Applications will be accepted for a maximum of two awards in a five (5) year cycle.  

    • - Applicants are eligible to apply for grant a second time only if post grants reports are completed and submitted on time and if previous grant awards used for intended purpose. 

    • - A five (5) year wait period is required after the acceptance of the second grant award. After the second award applicant, business and/or venture is ineligible to apply after the wait period of five years.  



    Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce 

    3210 Beaver Vu Dr, Beavercreek, OH 45434 

    Attention: Grant Review Committee