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  • 5 Simple Steps for Acquiring Your Ideal Customers

    5 Simple Steps for Acquiring Your Ideal Customers

    Continually chasing new clients is exhausting and can be very discouraging. So many entrepreneurs have amazing messages and solutions to share but burn out in the process of trying to acquire new clients.


    It doesn’t have to be this way. But most people don’t know how to do it any differently.


    If you find yourself running nonstop on the hamster wheel of client acquisition, it’s time to implement the following five steps.

    1 - Know Your Perfect Prospect

    Many entrepreneurs focus so much on creating their books, courses, programs, products, or services that they never slow down to consider who they are best able to serve. If you don’t know your target audience well, you’ll never be able to speak clearly to them and attract them to your business. Determine who you want to work with and their demographics so you know where to find them.


    2 - Share Compelling Content

    Once you know who you want to serve, you need to create content that speaks to their needs and desires. This can be in the form of blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, social media posts, etc. You can go to events and speak in front of audiences. You can be a guest on radio or television programs. The options are endless of where you can share your message, but you need to make sure it’s compelling to the right people. 

    3 - Create Irresistible Offers

    Once you have their attention with your compelling content, you need to give them something to do. What is your call to action? What is their next step to engaging with you? In most cases, the non-threatening next step is opting into your email list to receive something free. It could also be a discount or trial offer. Be creative in what you place in front of your ideal audience that will make them raise their hand and begin to connect with you. 

    4 - Serve With Excellence

    After they’ve made themselves known to you and taken a step to engage, give them reasons to trust you. Treat them so well that they never second guess their decision to connect with you. Serving with excellence means putting their needs and desires ahead of simply making money off of them. The money will follow great service.


    5 - Ask for Referrals

    The best salespeople for your business are your happy customers. Once you have served people well, they begin to spread the word about your business. But don’t just settle for happy customers. Ask for referrals of others like them who you can help. Give them incentives to spread the word like discounts, bonuses, or gifts. It’s amazing what people will do for a free gift! Just watch people at ballgames when the t-shirt cannon comes out!


    Chasing new customers and clients is no fun. Attracting your perfect prospects through an effective system is a blast! Begin implementing these four steps and watch how things begin to shift in your business and life!

    ***This blog article originally posted by Chris McClure on the Design Launch Grow business blog, which focuses on helping authors, coaches, and course creators build thriving businesses.

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