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  • Greenebucs Chapter of National Ambucs

    Greenebucs Chapter of National Ambucs



    About Us

    You will find that our Members are a diverse group of people who have banded together for one common purpose and work tirelessly towards our common goals.

    While our Chapter may not be the largest in membership, we have been able to provide a large number of AmTrykes, Ramps, and Scholarships throughout the history of our club.

    As a point of pride for our chapter, GreeneBucs have been recognized as the number 1 chapter in the National Ambucs organization for the last two years.

    In 2007, through dedication, determination, and with the immense help of our civic and corporate sponsors; we were able to provide over 200 AmTryke Therapeutic Tricycles throughout the state of Ohio, and we are not done yet!

    While all of this is important, GreeneBucs’ never loose focus on what we are about, and that is providing whatever assistance we can to help a special needs child have a little more ‘normal’ life. As every one of us can attest to, there are few things more special than to see a child, who has maybe never taken a step on their own, be placed on an AmTryke, push those peddles and for the first time experience the freedom of mobility under their own power.

    To many parents of those children, it is a dream that they never even hoped to dream, let alone see it come true, and can be a truly overwhelming experience. For the other children in the family, friends and neighbors, it is sometimes an eye-opening realization that their sibling or friend is now going to be able to share in a bike ride around the block.


    therapeutic tryke for children
    therapeutic tryke for veterans
    Greenebucs is the local chapter of the National Ambucs
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