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  • Mental Health Recovery Board of Clark, Greene & Madison Counties



    About Us

    At Mental Health Recovery Board of Clark, Greene & Madison Counties (MHRB), we know that healthy people create healthy communities—and vice versa. That’s why we provide help to those in need by connecting residents to the local care community, regardless of income or ability to pay.

    We assist partners, stakeholders, residents, and anyone at risk of mental health or substance use concerns, providing pathways to mental health and addiction services for everybody and every family in our three-county area. We connect those who need it to treatment, while also creating prevention-prepared and recovery-oriented communities that are resilient, supportive, and trauma-informed.

    Our dedicated board members and staff provide resources for prevention, treatment, and support, while upholding a community-wide safety net to protect families, adults, and children. Knowing that individuals who have basic needs met are more likely to get and stay well, we advocate for better quality of life and provide resources for basic needs like transportation, housing, and medication.

    MHRB is one of 50 Boards that make up Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities, a trade association for Ohio’s