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    Rodriguez Financial Strategies, LLC


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    About Us

    - Veteran owned and operated.
    - Rodríguez Financial Strategies is an independent financial services firm focused on serving our clients’ best interests above all else - we are not tied to any specific product or investment.
    - Our Fiduciary Approach: We always put our clients' best interests first. We provide comprehensive financial planning services to assist our clients in making smart financial decisions, for the reasons that are important to them. The advice and recommendations we provide are what we believe to be in our clients' best interests and appropriate for their personal situation. Our focus is to select cost-efficient products to help our clients pursue their goals, and we conduct our own independent due-diligence when building and selecting investment portfolios. We will always be transparent in the compensation we receive for advising, managing and/or selecting investments for our clients' accounts. We will always disclose any conflict of interest.
    - Our clients are Department of Defense, Federal, Business Professionals and small business owners planning for retirement or already in retirement.
    - With our 4-step DPIR (Discover, Plan, Implement and Review) Process, we help you INVEST in your future so you don’t have to worry about having to work when you should be enjoying retirement. As a client, you benefit from a tailored, action-driven financial plan designed to achieve YOUR financial goals.