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    Becoming a small business owner really has opened my eyes, I really see how important it is to keep a healthy local economy. Small businesses bring jobs, keep the money local and enrich the customer experience. Being a co-owner has driven me to learn more about the need to build and help strengthen my community.

    I spent most of my ''professional'' career in corporate settings. I knew what my job was about, how if affected the supply chain and why it was important. When working in a corporate environment you are just one cog in a bunch of cogs to help keep everything running smooth, (which is important) but that cog can always be upgraded or replaced with a digital cog. I am so blessed with the direction that my career has taken and thank my previous employers for all they have taught me.

    I loved working a normal shift and having my vacation and weekends, but I will have to say, by becoming a small business owner, my self worth and community worth has grown exponentially. By working with other small businesses, the local government, the police departments, and charities; I have come to love my community and city so much more and appreciate everything about it (the good and the bad).

    I love knowing that what I am doing helps others and enriches their lives.


    Hand Embroidery
    Garment Construction
    Kids Classes/Workshops
    Infinity scarf class
    Mother/Daughter classes
    Sewing Accessories
    Baby Showers/Birthdays/Girls or Guys Night

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