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    About Us

    The “IrishPub” enjoys a long history of tradition. Its success is attributed to the”Craic” (Pronounced “Crack”), which is fundamentally a rare mix of music and conversation, good food and drink, with hospitality and humor. We at the Dublin Pub welcome all who enter, and in return offer the warmth and fellowship of Irish Culture. We are proud to offer distinguished, yet simple Irish fare, as well as the local favorites enjoyed by the “Yanks”.

    While enjoying the Craic, one becomes something more than a patron, one becomes a member of a community and a family where familiar faces will be present for generations. The Pub does not discriminate, young or old, male or female. In an irish Pub, you are a guest on your first night and from then on, a regular. Women traveling alone need not worry , the Craic protects all as if it were a living thing, and welcomes all to be a part of the Pub Family.

    Where the Oregon District was once known to end, the Dublin Pub now thrives, serving as an anchor of irish tradition and culture. Our mission statement is to embody these characteristics of the Craic, and to serve as another heart which pumps life into the Oregon District as well as the downtown Dayton community.



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